Whether you are a potential buyer or already own a Historic or Listed Building, there are many aspects of the process that I can help you with.

Are you commencing the buying process and feel uncertain about the road ahead? You may be worried the current (or previous) owner carried out unauthorised alterations that you will be responsible for. Or would you simply like to get advice and reassurance about your current home and what you can and can’t do to it? This is where I come in. All my advice is totally impartial and will provide you with the best building conservation expertise that the building requires.

I will visit and report on any Historic or Listed Building anywhere in England and Wales. I can inspect your home and give you expert advice on the best repair techniques that are appropriate. I don’t sell anything and you won’t be offered any products or repair services.

I offer a full range of services to aid you on your journey. I can:

  • Prepare highly detailed pre-purchase building surveys. I will be guided by your requirements, which will ensure your specific questions are answered.  The reports will typically be equivalent to Level 3 in the RICS Home Survey Standard.
  • Investigate whether previous alternations had Listed Building Consent. If this is found not to be the case, I can provide evidence for you to use in negotiations.
  • Give advice on the feasibility of any future changes to the property you may be considering.
  • Outline the care and repair options (and likely costs) for any work that needs to be undertaken, including the repair and maintenance of windows, walls and roofs.
  • Inspect and advise on specific defects such as cracks, roofing issues, damp problems, brickwork and timber frame problems and timber decay, and advise on building conservation techniques.
  • Guide you through the process and steps required when applying for Listed Building Consent, including preparing a Heritage Statement to accompany your application. I can also prepare Archaeological and Historic Building Surveys.

Exploring in three dimensions (3D)

To truly dig into the history of a building, you have to use the latest technology. I use a range of cutting edge tools to investigate the properties I survey from drones to specialist cameras, including thermal imaging and 3D.

One of my latest technology additions is a full internal 3D imaging system. You can see an example of it in action below – a 3D walkthrough of Old Manor House, a Grade I Listed timber-framed house I’ll be working on for the next couple of years. It’s an incredibly powerful survey tool, and one you can benefit from if you work with me.

See it in action

Use your mouse or finger to move around the interior of the Old Manor House below – tap or click on areas you want to move to, and drag the interface to spin around in 360 degrees.

The Brew House fly-through

Another example of Matterport in action – not interactive this time, but shows how you can create a 3D fly-through of any space. Even an old cellar full of stuff!

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