The Palazzo della Ragione started life about 300 years before Palladio was even involved and in the 50 years prior to Palladio there had been six other architects trying to solve the problem.   It took the genius of Palladio to design a structure that would encapsulate the original building in such a beautiful and seamless way.   The project was so complex that it wasn’t completed until long after Palladio’s death.    Since Palladio’s time, there have been some significant changes though.   The lead roof was replaced with copper, hence the green appearance.  The entire piazza outside has been lowered slightly, creating two new steps up, which has the effect of appearing to elevate the building in a manner that Palladio had never intended.   Architecturally, the structure is a masterpiece,    It is a complex arrangement which works with finesse and ease.   Sheer genius.