Using modern technology can add considerable benefits to you for a fast and flexible way to talk about your home or one that you are thinking of buying.   This can be done at any time to suit you – even evenings and weekends.   Just tell us when you need to talk and we will try to accommodate your availability.   We can use Zoom video chat, Skype, phone or FaceTime – whatever is best for you.   We find that Zoom works best for a face-to-face chat as we can share screens with photos and videos.   FaceTime works best for a portable look around a building.

Common questions that get asked might be..:

  • “I like the house but I’m worried that it will cost me a fortune to repair”
  • “I saw some damp on a wall and I don’t know what to do”
  • “Can I add an extension to the kitchen”
  • “Do I need Listed Building Consent?”
  • “I can see a crack on my house and I’m worried about it.  What should I do?”
  • “I’m buying a house and I think the current owners have done something wrong,  Can I talk to you about it confidentially?’
  • “How can I repair my wattle and daub wall?”

You will have your own questions and topics that you would like to talk about.   I can probably help you with almost anything related to historic and Listed Buildings.   Just ask me, and I will tell you upfront whether I can help you or not.   You can use the video function on your phone to show me around your current house or the house that you are thinking of buying.   You can walk around with your phone in hand and we can talk about what we see.   This is an immediate and quick way to get some advice without needing to wait for a site visit or incurring a large bill.

There is a very reasonable fixed fee of just £150 + VAT (£180 total) for the first hour, or part thereof, and additional time is charged in 15 minute blocks, or part thereof, of £35 + VAT (£42 total).   Payment is required in advance and you can pay online straightaway for added convenience.

To get an appointment just follow this simple procedure..:

  1. Phone or email with your initial enquiry
  2. Say when you’d like to talk.
  3. We will ask for your details and you will be emailed an invoice.
  4. Pay the invoice online

That’s all there is to it.  Simple and no fuss.

The Online Consultation is intended to a fast and flexible way to help you.   There is no written report at the end of it.   If we feel that you need a site visit and a written report then we will say so and you can decide what you want to do, with no pressure at all.

Our Terms and Conditions for this service are provided below.  They will also be provided on the confirmation email when you book an appointment.

We look forward to talking with you soon.   Please do get in touch!


Terms and Conditions for Online Consultations

1.  Wherever reference is made to Online Consulations, this service is provided by Listed Building Surveys Ltd.  The legal contract for this service is between you (the Client) and Listed Building Surveys Ltd.

2.  Listed Building Surveys Ltd is a RICS Regulated firm.

3.  The Client agrees to pay the fee in advance of the Online Consulation.   The fee applies to the first hour or part thereof, as a minimum, regardless of how much time might remain at the end of the Consulation.  We are unable to provide a refund for any unused time.  Extra time over the first hour will be charged in 15 minute blocks.

4.  If it becomes apparent during the Online Consulation that Listed Building Surveys Ltd is unable to assist you then the service will be terminated and a refund will be arranged for the unused time.

5.  If it becomes apparent during the Onine Consulation that a site visit is necessary, this will be offered to the Client at any additional fee.   The Client can decide whether to proceed on that basis or not.

6.  The Client must accept that the Online Consultancy service will be limited by what the Client shows and describes during the Online Consultation.   This remote Online Consultation is not a substitute for a physical site visit.  The nature of an Online Consultation relies on the Client to show and describe matters via the Clients device.

7.  Listed Building Surveys Ltd will not accept any liability for the information, or lack of information, relayed either way during the Online Consulation.  No liability will be accepted if the Client withholds information or distorts information provided, whether deliberate or unintentional.

8.  The Client agrees that the purpose of the Online Consultation is for a quick, flexible and effective way to obtain some helpful initial advice on their concerns.  If the Client requires advice on complex matters, whatever they might be, then it is unlikely that the Online Consulation service will be sufficient.

9.  Listed Building Surveys will not accept any liability of any kind to any third parties whether they are included in the Online Consultation or not.

10.  The Client agrees to be able to access suitable devices for the Online Consultation to take place.   This will require a good and stable phone signal and/or internet service.   Any connection problems at the Client end is of no responsibility of Listed Building Surveys Ltd.   In the event that the Client does have connection problems then an alternative appointment can be arranged subject to mutual agreement.

11.  Prior to the Online Consultation, the Client will agree to provide at least a basic explanation of what help they are asking for.

12.   It is entirely likely that there will be parts of the property that are inaccessible, concealed, hidden in some way and cannot be shown or seen during the Online Consulation.   Lack of suitable lighting may also be a relevant factor.   While Listed Building Surveys Ltd will try to provide appropriate guidance, these limitations must be accepted by the Client and Listed Building Surveys Ltd will not accept any liability for anything that cannot be directly seen.  Guidance may be offered for the Client to arrange for further investigations to be done by others and/or opening up works.

13.  The Client agrees to the Online Consultaion being recorded.

14.  In the event that either the Client or Listed Building Surveys Ltd wishes to cancel the appointment in advance, this can be done by either party at any time prior to the scheduled appointment and a full refund will be made of the payment received.  Once the appointment has started, there will be no refund – even if the Client forgets about the appointment entirely or is late and misses part of the first hour.

15.  Listed Buildings Surveys Ltd agrees not to disclose, divulge, reveal, report or use, for any purpose, any confidential information which has been provided during the Online Consulation, except as authorised by the Client or as required to do so by Law.

16.  All written and oral information and materials discussed or provided by the Client to Listed Building Surveys Ltd during the Online Consulation will remain confidential.

17.  All Intellectual Property that is developed or produced under this Agreement remains the property of Listed Building Surveys Ltd.

18.  This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law in England.