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Japanese Knotweed has been an issue, often exaggerated in terms of importance, in recent years.   It has been a particular concern for mortgage lenders and for properties where it is found.

RICS has issued new guidance on the subject, with specific relevance to residential property, and this should go towards easing a lot of the worry for homeowners, homebuyers, surveyors and mortgage valuers.    You can access, download and read the new guidance in full here..:

Japanese Knotweed Guidance 2022

The section that refers to pre-purchase building surveys says this..:

In practice, it is highly unlikely that a typical RICS surveyor will possess the specific skills and expertise to be able to provide advice on Japanese Knotweed.   Therefore, the situation remains unchanged in that the recommendation will continue to be to seek specialist advice elsewhere from a suitably qualified contractor.

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