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Traditional buildings, usually of solid wall construction have benefits that are sometimes overlooked.   The solid walls mean that they can often remain cool inside in hot weather and it is not difficult to get the most benefit from this characteristic.

There are some very simple things that occupiers of all buildings, and especially older construction, can do to help keep the insides cooler during very hot weather..:

  • good roof insulation not only helps to retain heat in winter but it can also help to reduce solar heat gain from the roof tiles and slates into the roof space during the summer.
  • if you have them, keep your shutters closed during the day, especially on the sunny side of the building.
  • if you don’t have shutters, keep all curtains and blinds closed during the day on the sunny side of the building
  • keep windows and doors closed on the sunny side, and open on the shady side.


Roofs with concrete tiles can become incredibly hot and the heat will radiate to the roof space.  Making sure that your roof is well insulated and well ventilated will help to reduce this heat getting into the building and making it uncomfortable for sleeping.

Thatched roofs, with a large overhang, can be very comfortable in hot weather.

Good luck.  It can be a challenge…


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