• 01. Do I really need a specialist to survey a Listed Building?

    While there are very many property surveyors out there, unless they are dealing with Listed Buildings every single day they will not have the breadth of knowledge or expert understanding that will ensure you are getting the best advice for your unique property.

  • 02. Can I alter or extend my Listed Building?

    Possibly. While your home has heritage status there are ways to make the accommodation itself fit for 21st century life without undermining its integrity as a historic building. I can advise you on what would be potentially acceptable, draw up any measured plans required and help you with preparing and submitting an application for Listed Buildings Consent.

  • 03. My mortgage valuation report has identified damp. Is this a deal breaker?

    Don’t panic, damp areas are quite common in heritage properties. Mortgage lenders will often fire off a standard request for a ‘timber and damp inspection’, but this does not mean the property will be unmortgageable. I can help by assessing the damp and providing an expert opinion on its impact and the recommended treatment options.

  • 04. How do you inspect roofs and chimneys?

    Listed Building Surveys is one of a handful of companies that uses a modern day Helicam to inspect the inaccessible areas of tall or awkward buildings. This means you will not need to arrange for (or pay for) the hire of cranes or scaffolding.

  • 05. What geographical areas do you cover?

    I will be pleased to visit and report on any Listed Building located anywhere in England and Wales.

  • 06. Can you tell if existing alterations had Listed Buildings Consent?

    Yes. Once I have inspected the building I will identify areas that have been repaired or amended in the past and liaise with your legal advisors to discuss the significance of any potential problems found.

  • 07. My windows are in very bad condition. What can I do about them?

    Windows give a building its character so it’s very important to preserve the integrity of a Listed Building’s original windows wherever possible. This means that it is much better to repair rather than replace them. In fact, the conservation authorities are unlikely to authorise replacement windows until you can prove that every effort has been made to repair them. That said, the repairs will need to be carried out using age appropriate materials and methods, so it’s not as easy as getting quotes from a local carpenter. I will be happy to examine your windows and advise you on the best way forward.

  • 08. Who do you recommend to do repairs on Listed Buildings?

    Through years of working with Historic and Listed Buildings, I've met many skilled craftsmen who are able to carry out work on heritage properties using traditional materials and methods. I can provide contact details if I know someone suitable, or can give you information on the skills and experience a craftsman will need to work on your property so you can conduct your own search.

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