Houses that are in the private rental sector need to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) of an E rating EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

This can be hard to achieve for older buildings, especially those with solid wall construction and those that are Listed Buildings.

Landlords faced with this challenge can apply for an EPC Exemption under some very specific criteria of the regulations.   One of these relates to whether the property might be suitable for retrofitting wall insulation.   Where a house can be proved to be unsuitable for the installation of wall insulation following an inspection and a report is produced by a Chartered Building Surveyor who is on the RICS Conservation Accredited list an EPC Exemption can be applied for.

We can do this, so if you a landlord in this position please do get in touch.

Landlords can apply for the EPC Exemption via this official government web site.

PRS Exemption Register