Established 1987

Helping owners and buyers of heritage properties for over 35 years

I established Listed Building Surveys to provide potential buyers and current homeowners access to a specialist historic building surveyor for properties of all types, styles, size and age.

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    Dr Duncan Philips

    I qualified as a Chartered Building Surveyor in 1989. My passion and focus has been with Historic and Listed Buildings ever since.

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    I've been fortunate enough to work on a fascinating range of buildings – from churches and windmills to castles and stately homes.

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    Are you considering the purchase of a Listed Building? Or do you already own one? You may need some specialist advice on how to look after it. I can help with the must-haves; detailed surveys, care and repair options, building conservation information, concerns over unauthorised alterations or just general advice.

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    Give yourself a head-start on all things Listed with the selection of short videos I’ve created. They contain everything from basic advice to specialist studies of key topics.

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    To truly dig into the history of a building, you have to use the latest technology. From drones to specialist cameras, I use a range of cutting edge tools to investigate the properties I survey.

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See things differently

Uncovering the past

When I look at a historic building, I see beyond the first impression of the external appearance and explore the hidden secrets, idiosyncrasies and quirks of these amazing structures

  • Wooden Carvings

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    Wooden Carvings

    Highly detailed original timber carvings, in exquisite condition

  • Timber-Framing

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    Expert timber-framing and a high level of attention to detail in the choice of oak and carpentry

  • Outstanding Replication

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    Outstanding Replication

    New windows and framing on the ground floor to expertly replicate the original windows

"I am passionate about historic buildings and will survey any Listed Building, anywhere in England and Wales. As part of the survey, I look for unauthorised alterations and assess the heritage issues."

Dr Duncan Philips



The percentage of Listed Building owners who see their property as important to local character